My goal is to bring the entire human race together by sharing the night sky in the hopes that we can learn to share our home, Earth, a little better with each other every day.

The night sky can be inspiring, it can be humbling – it can mean anything we want it to mean. No matter how we look at it though, the night sky is our viewport to everything else: a universe that we’re all part of as members of the human race.

We spend much of our daily lives looking around, and down, that we often forget about this.

Share the night sky with someone tonight. Let’s get people everywhere, looking up again.

Hi, I’m Brendan Bronzan and I’m passionate about sharing my love of space and astrophotography with others.

My fascination with understanding our universe began as a kid. In 2011, armed with a telescope and a camera, I began exploring it myself and learning astrophotography. I should have started this a long time ago.

This “hobby” and love for science has allowed me to understand the universe and our existence (especially my own) better than I ever could have imagined.

I live in a small village about an hour away from Ottawa, Canada, with my amazing wife Joanna. Out here, we have wonderfully dark skies that allow me to explore the cosmos and share my findings with others.